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We believe people need space to create. But in the attention economy, noise and distractions are eroding that space. Our name originates from the 53 centimeters that connect head, heart, and hand鈥攖he personal canvas for creation. For as long as they鈥檝e been creating, humans have found that tools鈥攐f bone, bronze, or silicon鈥攁re vital to making ideas tangible. As a company, our goal has been to create digital tools that are designed to encourage human creativity and create the space to make great things. Our products focus on the essential: creating an environment of focus, one that reduces noise and allows visual thinkers鈥 ideas to flow.

53 CM
is the distance

Our first product, Paper, is an immersive drawing app for capturing ideas anywhere. Over 25 million people have found their creative space in Paper鈥攕ketching and writing hundreds of millions of ideas. As technology has advanced, we have re-made Paper, continually measuring it against the question 鈥淲hat is essential?鈥 Paper 4.0 is an entirely rebuilt app for iOS 11 with a renewed focus on beautiful simplicity and getting visual thinkers directly into the act of creation.

For individuals, Paper is an indispensable tool in their personal creative process. We sought to bring the same focus and space to a new audience: the modern team. Modern teams, who collaborate digitally and use diverse types of content, are the storytellers of today and the inventors of tomorrow. Embracing disruption, they need new technology that adapts to the way they work鈥攃losely and fluidly, valuing quickness over perfection, and requiring tools that are versatile, yet considered鈥攖ools with a point of view.

Paste is FiftyThree鈥檚 answer for modern teams鈥攁 presentation tool that reflects their values and way of working combined with our unique perspective on essential tools. Paste is a collaborative way for you and your team to build ideas into compelling stories.

In August 2018, FiftyThree joined WeTransfer with the shared belief in the power of creative thinking as a positive force for humankind. For us, it鈥檚 an exciting continuation of our mission; one we're looking forward to sharing with you.

FiftyThree鈥攖he Space to Create.